JLPT N4 文法解説 「ようと思っています」




Indicates the speaker's intention to do something in the future.



When you have made up your mind to do something and have been thinking about it ever since you made up your mind to do it, you can use "youto omotteimasu".

When the speaker has made up his or her mind at the time of speaking, use "youto omoimasu".

(例)「国に帰ろうと思っています。」 …頭の中で考えているだけ。


 I think I will go back to my country for the summer vacation.

 I am going to meet my friends in my home country.

 I think I will enter college after I graduate from high school.

 I plan to become a doctor in the future.

 I am planning to move next month.

 I am planning to travel next week.

 I'm planning to build my house next year.

 I am thinking of working for a Japanese company in the future.

 I'm going to quit smoking tomorrow.

 I'm thinking of buying a TV this weekend.

 I am going to talk to the teacher tomorrow.

 I plan to live in Japan in the future.