JLPT N4 文法解説 「他動詞/自動詞」




他動詞…他を動かす動詞 「が」+「動詞」
Transitive verb...Verbs that move others. 

自動詞…自然に動く動詞 「を」+「動詞」
Intransitive verb...Verbs that moves naturally..



 I will open the door.

 The door will open.

 I'll close the door.

 The door will close.

 I'll turn on the lights.

 The lights will come on.

 I'll turn off the lights.

 The lights are going out.

 I'll stop the clock.

 The clock will stop.

 I'll put the hamster in the cage.

 The dog will go into the cage.

 I'll take the hamster out of the cage.

 Dog out of cage.

 I'll lock the door.

 It's locked.

 I'll get my clothes dirty.

 Your clothes will get dirty.

 I'll destroy the house.

 The house will be destroyed.

 I'll crack the eggs.

 The egg will crack.

 I'll tear up the paper.

 The bag will tear.

 I'll break the pencil.

 The branch will break.