JLPT N4 文法解説 「お/ご~します」




Used when the speaker speaks humbly about his or her actions. (Used to indicate humility.)





 I will bring your shopping bag.

 I will call a cab for you.

 I will lend you the money.

 We will keep your clothes.

 We will give you our guidebook.

 I will take your picture.


 I will guide you to the Golden Pavilion.

 I will contact you to schedule tomorrow.

 I will explain the material here.

 I will introduce Mr. Sato.

 I will consult with the director.

 I will report yesterday's work to the President.


Q, 昨日先生にお会いになりましたか。 
 Did you see the teacher yesterday? 
A, はい、もうお会いしました
 Yes, I have already met him.

Q, もう予定をお知らせになりましたか。 
  Have you informed everyone of your plans yet? 
A, いいえ、まだお知らせしていません。 
  No, we have not yet.

Q, もうお客様にメールを送られましたか。 
  Have you already sent an email to your customers? 
A, はい、もうお送りしました
 Yes, we have already sent it. 

Q, 先生にあの話を話されましたか。 
  Did you tell the teacher about the story? 
A, はい、昨日お話ししました
 Yes, I told him yesterday.

Q, 先生に大学についてご相談なさいましたか。 
  Have you consulted with your teacher about college?
A, はい、昨日ご相談しました。 
 Yes, I consulted with him yesterday. 

Q, その本、どなたにお貸しになりましたか。 
  Who did you lend the book to? 
A, 鈴木さんにお貸ししました
 I lent it to Mr. Suzuki.

Q, もうタクシーを呼ばれましたか。 
  Have you called a cab yet? 
A, はい、先ほどお呼びしました
 Yes, I have just called for you.

Q, その資料、部長に見せられましたか。 
  Have you shown that material to your department head? 
A, いいえ、まだお見せしていません。 
 No, I have not shown them to him yet. 

Q, その資料、課長にお渡しになりましたか。 
  Have you given that material to the Chief?  
A, はい、二日前にお渡ししました。 
 Yes, I gave it to him two days ago. 

Q, 部長に報告をなさいましたか。 
  Have you reported to the director?  
A, いいえ、まだご報告していません
 No, I have not reported it yet.